Activity Oriented Learning

Activity oriented and experiential learning not only helps you to make the concepts and facts learn easily but it also imparts deep knowledge and insight of the facts and concepts. It also provides good storage( Duration of time you keep a particular information in your memory is known as storage ) of the concepts and facts in the memory because the impression of experiential learning is better than other method of learning. Most of the questions asked in exam are directly based on the activities for class 10th.

Fostering Experiential Learning

There is famous saying that " I hear,I forget. I see ,I remember. I do, I learn and understand."

We remember 20% of what we hear ,30% of what we see,50% of what we see and hear,And 90% of what we hear,see and do.
The focus of the channel is make learn student in such a way that students gain interest in learning by doing and watching.

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